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We are a family law firm focused on what will be best for you and your family in the long term.  We are local Taylorsville, Utah divorce attorneys with broad experience in many types of relationship and family disputes.  You can trust that we will always be 100% on your side because your best interest is our only goal.

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How to get a divorce in Utah?  Whether you need help with a contested or uncontested divorce in Utah, we can help you through this often difficult process.  We understand the law and court system and have helped many clients successfully reach their goals.  You will find a trusted advocate at Miller Family Law.

Asset/Debt Division

Asset and debt division can be a complex process in a divorce.  Generally, all property acquired before marriage is your separate property, while all property acquired during the marriage is considered jointly owned by you and your spouse.  Miller Family Law can help you obtain a fair and equitable property settlement.  


In Utah, alimony is awarded based on what is needed to maintain roughly the standard of living he/she enjoyed at the time of the divorce.  The courts require reliable evidence of the standard of living and the receiving spouses needs and ability to provide for himself/herself.  If you believe you will need or are entitled to alimony, you should seek consultation early.  A local divorce attorney at Miller Family Law can help  advise you.


A legal action regarding paternity refers to parents of a child (or children) who are not married when the child is born.  This creates the need to establish legal rights (or obligations, such as child support and custody) of the father through a court oder.  Miller Family Law can help you with any paternity matter.

Child Custody

Matters that involve child custody are difficult and sensitive.  Without effective representation, orders can be entered that do not fully take into account your children's best interest.  You need a custody lawyer.  Miller Family Law has experience with joint custody, sole custody, and supervised visitation arrangements.

Child Support

Although Utah courts use a statutory guideline based on gross income to determine child support, many divorced parents face difficulties covering all costs associated with raising their children.  A divorce lawyer at Miller Family Law can help you in every aspect of child support, including owed child support, child care, medical expenses, and other forms of chid support.

Protective Orders

1 in 3 women experience domestic violence or intimate partner violence in their lifetime, but anyone can be the victim of domestic abuse.  If you have experienced abuse or domestic violence, or if you are at risk of such abuse, you may be entitled to a protective order.  Don't wait to ask for help.  Miller Family Law can help you.

Modifications & Enforcement

After your divorce or paternity order is finalized, you may discover a need to modify the terms as your children grow or your circumstances change.   There are many circumstances that may qualify.  You may also find that the other parent is not following the orders of the court and you may need to seek enforcement of your order through an Order to Show Cause.  A divorce lawyer at Miller Family Law can help advise you on your options.

Marital agreements

Prenuptial agreements allow for you to enter into marriage with peace of mind, protected in case of death, divorce or infidelity.  This allows you to plan for the future, just as with a will or trust, and protect your interests should the worst happen.  Speak with a local divorce attorney at Miller Family Law to discuss your options.