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Jeremy R. Miller, Esq. offers broad experience in areas such as HIPAA, data privacy & cyber security law to help achieve the best results for clients. Serving Salt Lake City, Draper, Taylorsville, Lehi, Alpine & surrounding areas. Call 801-648-8190 or click to request a consultation today!


Many covered entries and business associates do not have an accurate picture of their compliance posture because they have not completed a risk analysis.  Jeremy R. Miller not only helped to draft HIPAA Privacy and Security regulations and policies, but assisted in creating training materials for federal employees who are tasked with conducting HIPAA investigations and audits.  He can help your organization evaluate its HIPAA compliance, respond to a HIPAA complaint, audit or breach, and develop policies and procedures based on best practices (not just cookie-cutter solutions that will not pass scrutiny of the federal regulators). 


With high profile breaches of personal information, more and more individuals are concerned with the privacy of their information.  Mr. Miller can help organizations shore up their privacy policies and procedures to instill confidence in their customers or help individuals take steps to protect their rights when their privacy has been violated.


If your organization has experienced a cybersecurity incident or breach, call Mr. Miller.  He can help coordinate with your CIO and CISO in the breach response while maintaining proper scope and the protection of attorney-client privilege to ensure that trade secrets and organizational reputation are protected, and further breaches are prevented.